Editoria11y Accessibility Checker

A user-friendly automatic content accessibility checker.

This project is maintained by itmaybejj


Editoria11y (editorial ally) is a user-friendly accessibility “auto-correct” checker that addresses three critical needs for content authors:

  1. It runs automatically. Modern spellcheck works so well because it is always running; put spellcheck behind a button and few users remember to run it!
  2. It focuses exclusively on straightforward issues a content author can easily understand and easily fix. Yes; comprehensive testing should be a key part of site creation, but if a tool is going to run automatically on every page, it will do more harm than good if it is alerting on issues editors cannot fix.
  3. It runs in context. Modern content management systems often assemble pages from many separately-edited blocks, widgets and elements. Only a fully-assembled “page” can be checked for things like the header outline order.

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Recent changes

Major changes in version 2.x:

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Installation and configuration

If possible, use a turnkey integration:

To build your own implementation, load a local copy (or a CDN version) of “editoria11y.min.js” and “editoria11y.min.css,” and then create a new “Ed11y” instance:

<link href="/PATH/TO/YOUR/COPY/editoria11y.min.css" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="/PATH/TO/YOUR/COPY/editoria11y.min.js"></script>
    const ed11y = new Ed11y({
      // options,

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Editoria11y is maintained by John Jameson, and is provided to the community thanks to the Digital Accessibility initiatives at Princeton University’s Office of Web Development Services


Editoria11y’s JavaScript began as a fork of the Sa11y library, which was created by Digital Media Projects, Computing and Communication Services (CCS) at Toronto Metropolitan University. The libraries share most tests, and our teams work together on new features.

Sa11y itself began as a fork of Tota11y by Khan Academy.